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UDI-350 RF Hawk

Raw power when you need it most! The UDI-350 RF Hawk is built around a high-speed Intel® 80486 compatible CPU for the most demanding data collection applications, and is equipped with radio frequency capabilities via a spread spectrum RF PCMCIA card for fast and effortless RF data transmissions.

The PC compatible UDI-350 RF Hawk utilizes DOS 6.22 for the operating system, and can be programmed in C/C++ or UDI's exclusive WinEPG for Microsoft® Windows 95/98/NT. Our UDI-350 RF Data Collection System software provides the utmost in flexibility and connectivity using the latest TCP/IP networking and client/server distributed computing technologies.

Weighing just 20 ounces, our ergonomically designed UDI-350 RF Hawk provides the ultimate in RF real-time data collection. A large 8 line by 20 character Supertwist LED backlit LCD display screen makes viewing easy even in minimal light.

A patented self-contained, rotating laser head and twin laser triggers make scanning comfortable and easy for right or left hand operation. Long lasting, self-contained Super Nickel Metal Hydride "smart" battery packs eliminate the need for outside battery packs.

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