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3-D Prototyping Services

We provide both 3-D CAD and 3-D print services that save your company time and money.

Why make a 3-D prototype?

  • It provides a visual aid and concept verification in order to expedite the design process and help analyze a part for aesthetics, ergonomics and manufacturability before beginning expensive tooling.
  • It allows for form and fit testing to analyze how well multiple components, or even full assemblies, work together thus reducing time-to-market costs.
  • An ABS 3-D prototype allows for functional testing due to its durability before moving to production samples.
  • You are able to make production-quality parts without committing the time and cost to prototype molds. 3-D printing allows changes to be made more quickly and with more certainty using 3-D CAD.


You receive overall cost reduction, reduced time to market, and good design communication with your customer. 3D prototyping is one of the most compelling and effective ways to communicate the look and "feel" of a new product design to others. If a picture is worth a thousand words … imagine what a prototype in your hand is worth.

Prototype End Product

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